I was exposed to comics and its art pretty late in my life – just last year. I knew about the superheroes through movies and through Wincy’s vivid stories. My lolo would lend me his Mars Ravelo comics┬ábut I never had a chance to read any Marvel or DC when I was growing up. I didn’t have the money!

Wincy introduced me to comics – Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Alan Moore, Bruce Timm and many more. I had a Bruce Timm phase. I obsessed over his art style and tried to study it.

Now, I am obsessed with Cameron Stewart, the main creative genius behind the new BATGIRL series. His style reminds me of Bruce Timm, but with more realistic proportions. Very clean line art, incredible panelling and framing as well.

And as my obsession for Cameron Stewart’s art style grows, I am training myself to study his style and hopefully come up with my own style, inspired by him.

Here are my drawings so far. I used a lot of photographic references, Emma Stone’s and Ellen Page’s faces. I used Manga Studio EX5, just like Cameron Stewart.