Nothing good can been said about bacterial vaginosis — which is exactly why women don’t talk about it. Klindex is an antibacterial brand that encourages women to speak up so they can get treated for BV. However it isn’t the top of mind choice with doctors prescribing the generic, cheaper alternative.

We set on a mission to disrupt a taken for granted medium — the E-detailing kit — to position Klindex as a top of mind brand.



Using the E-detailing kit — and a single, simple but striking visual we delivered the message in a way they won’t forget: sideways lips that subtly appeared to be a talking vagina. We engaged the doctors in an honest, intimate conversation, the way we wanted them to talk to their patients about bacterial vaginosis.



Our e-detailing kit improved product recall and earned great reviews from the doctors, increasing sales in areas where it was launched. The brand hit its highest prescription share trend of 62% from 45%, with more MDs and OB-GYNs prescribing Klindex to their patients. Most of all, more doctors and more women started talking about our product.


Client: Klindex (Unilab)
Agency: TBWA-Santiago Mangada Puno
Executive Creative Director: Melvin Mangada
Creative Directors/Copywriters: Joey David Tiempo and Marci Reyes
Art Director: Cj de Silva-Ong
Producers: Sunny Lucero, Cheese Bagnes and Maan Dela Cruz
Directors: Jason Tan and Quark Henares
Production House: Filmex