5 x 7 inches
Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper

Prints available. Please email me at contact@cjdesilva.com if interested.

Back in 2011, I wanted to have a come back exhibit so I started conceptualizing and creating my collection. I was still a young girl since my last exhibit and up to now, people think that I’m still a young girl, which I though was already an insight. The idea came to me – why not touch on the different facets of being a fully grown woman. Generations ago, women fought for equal rights. But modern women has a new challenge: being able to build a career and pursue their passions while balancing it with their supposed roles as wives and mothers. I felt that there’s so much character and story in how women build who they are.

So I started painting women with unique careers – representing not only passions, but also virtues that make women such strong and steadfast creatures. I asked female writer friends to collaborate with me and write a short story for each character. I’ve finished 6 out of 15 pieces. But in August of 2011, the typhoon Habagat hit Manila and our house in Malabon got flooded. 5 feet of flood, for three days. All my paintings got submerged in the floods and I wasn’t able to recover anything. What you’re seeing now are digital copies that I can be able to produce as prints.

But I plan to resume this collection soon and push through with the exhibit.