There is no lack of arable land in agricultural Philippines. What the country lacks are farmers. Filipino farmers are getting old, and the youth are leaving the farms for careers in the city. Based on research, the Filipino farmer will disappear in 15 years. Who will then till the land for food?

The Department of Agriculture wanted Filipinos to face this serious problem.

The idea: the last of the Filipino farmers were carved in the very crops they produce. The perishable sculptures were featured in print ads. These urged Filipinos to visit the Department of Agriculture website to learn about the Youth in Agriculture and Fisheries Program, which provides financial grants to young Filipinos who want to consider farming as a career.

Supported by government leaders and various sectors of society, the campaign helped the youth realize that there is future in farming. As awareness for the program continues to grow, this will not be the last crop of Filipino farmers this generation will ever see.


Client:Department of Agriculture
Agency: TBWA-Santiago Mangada Puno
Executive Creative Director: Melvin Mangada
Creative Directors: Joey David-Tiempo
Associate Creative Directors: Ryan Rubillar and Cj de Silva-Ong
Copywriters: Ryan Rubillar and Nick Nakpil
Producers: Dennis Carlos, Abi Ramos