Filipinos love to eat chicharon, which is fried pork fat. For a healthier option, Oishi created Marty’s, the first vegetarian chicaron – which was an instant hit for the older, more health-conscious market. Now Marty’s need to rock the younger crowd.

That’s why we transformed the brand into a rock band: The Marty’s. We asked aspiring college musicians can submit their audition videos online. From all those entries, we had eight finalists – two contenders for the vocalist, lead guitarist, bassist and drummer positions. And we designed an interactive website where anyone can mix and match the final eight into their own The Marty’s combination. To make the mixing and matching more fun, we collaborated with sixteen Filipino illustrators to create cover arts for all sixteen unique audio combinations.

Visit the website here.

Client: Oishi Marty’s
Agency: TBWA-Santiago Mangada Puno
Creative Team: Joey David-Tiempo, Cj de Silva, Abi Capa and Pauline Ty
Digital Production Team: Dwight Santos, Mark Baul, Dianne Madamba and Forth Media