November 12, 2016

Looking at old photos of me and my friends, I have two major realizations:

1. Three of them are getting married, two months apart.

2. My metabolism really did slow down now. (But I am still as cute. Don’t argue with me.)

Let’s reflect first on Realization Number 2. Don’t get me wrong: It’s not a body image issue! I’m pretty much secure of who I am inside and out. I’ve grown comfortable and confident with my body. I know now how to work with it and around it. I’m a firm believer that we should listen to our bodies and I am hearing my body updating me, “Metabolism–slowing down.”

It’s age. I’ve accepted it. But it doesn’t mean I’ll just let it be. I realize now is the best time to make an extra effort to keep myself healthy. I try to eat less junk, more veggies. Walk more. Drink more water. But of course, stress and puyat catch up. But nonetheless, there is a conscious effort.

Which brings me to Realization Number 1. In each of these weddings, I will be a bridesmaid and I need to wear three different dresses! I have no plans doing crash diets just to fit in those dresses. (Crash diets can be seriously dangerous!) But with my slowing metabolism plus the inevitable stresses of adulting, a little help is very welcome.

Big Day Slim Team came in at the right time! Big Day Slim Team is your most convenient way to safely lose a few inches. They’re a home-service team, so they go to your place at the time you prefer. The setup really works for me because it’s in the privacy of my own home.

I booked six sessions (that’s the minimum) of Lipocavitation and Radiofrequency for both my tummy area and arms. And of course, I’ve researched and asked doctor friends about it, the procedures are safe and non-invasive. The side effects I’ve read about are minimal bruising but that never happened to me. For a complete list of the services they offer and their rates, here’s a link:

Every session, the Big Day Slim team turns our condo into a mini spa. Along with their slimming machines, they also bring a bed that’s covered with fresh, clean sheets and towels. They can also play spa music if you ask them to. But in my case, I catch up on series episodes or movies.




Each session lasts around 2 1/2 hours. We always take measurements before and after, to record the changes. The procedures were comfortable and painless. Actually, I just felt like I was having a massage! I was even able to watch Netflix during the procedure.


The technicians are also well-trained, friendly and assuring. They are knowledgable about the services, attentively accommodating my questions. They also ask me from time to time if the intensity of the machines are good with my preference or tolerance. For more details, I advise you also read their FAQ’s, quite helpful:


So was it effective? Take my word for it. Here’s how much I’ve lost per session:

Tummy – 0.5 inch
Arms – 0.5 inch each arm

Tummy – 1 inch
Arms – 0.5 inch each arm

Tummy – 1 inch
Arms – 1 inch each arm

Tummy – 1 inch
Arms – 1 inch each arm

So far, that’s a total of 3.5 inches lost in the tummy area and 3 inches lost in both my arms. I actually also tried their Radiofrequency for the face and neck during my fourth sessions and many people noticed the difference. In the coming weeks, I’ll be finishing my SESSIONS 5 and 6! I’m very satisfied with Big Day Slim Team’s service — private, convenient and most of all effective.

But always remember, these services are like finishing touches to a masterpiece. They are quick, but not a quick fix. We still need to continually take care of our bodies by eating healthy and staying active.