January 26, 2016

After 5 days filled with on and off vertigo episodes, I’m finally going back to work, to life, on Thursday.

Last Wednesday, I woke up with my world literally spinning. I was nauseated. I passed out and woke up the next day. That’s when we went to the ER. The doctor diagnosed me with vertigo, gave me a prescription of Betahistine Hydrochloride for me to take twice a day.

When the dizziness won’t go away til Sunday, I was brought to an ENT doctor. She won’t commit it as “vertigo” that’s related to Meniere’s disease because <WAIT FOR IT>, she couldn’t see my inner ear. 

Both my ears were “impacted”. Simpler terms: Hardened earwax. DON’T JUDGE ME, MY ENT DIDN’T! I was so defensive when I told her, “But I clean my ears every so often!!!” And she said my ear canals were narrower than normal. So the more I clean with cotton buds, the more I push the icky stuff in.

So today, my ENT performed an ear irrigation (I wanted to pun but no). My right ear brought me to tears, it is now inflamed. But doctor said it’s normal and should heal in a few days. Everything is louder and clearer than usual. My dizziness is gone. But I was advised to take one more day to rest my sore right ear. And I need to come back to the doctor next week for more findings.

I am a bit embarrassed about the ear impaction, but I would choose that over Meniere’s disease and the possibility of another vertigo attack.

Thank you for my workmates and bosses who were so understanding. My parents, Camille who went with me to the doctor and most of all, Wincy for taking care of me. Best husband (“Hubby” ba? Gusto mo “hubby”?) in the work award goes to you.