May 23, 2013

One third of our lives is probably spent searching for that one elusive thing referred to as voice. This even gave birth to the well-celebrated theme in pop culture – the coming of age. As for me, I was Dorothy, Holden Caulfield, Toru Watanabe and William Miller were my Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. We’re all off to see the Wizard who’s supposed to make us braver and more clever, but not necessarily wiser.

But as I accumulated birthdays, the pastiche of pages from my teen magazines saying “Be yourself.” (in red Futura Extra Bold) wore out of its potency. The recent years were of shock, struggle and eventually, acceptance (some may see it as giving up) that real life is a long winding road made of bricks of compromise.

I came to realize that having a voice is not enough anymore. Sadly, sometimes, my voice can work against me. And no matter how brilliantly Dave Grohl defends me, the Christina Aguileras, Adam Levines and other American Idol judges (I’m mixing my references, aren’t I?) of real life will still find my flaws and “immaturities”.

Thank God for music though. Thank you, Fiona Apple and Zooey Deschanel. Constantly listening to both of you guided me to the answer – modulation. My voice is too valuable for me to just throw away (I’m not as stupid as Little Mermaid!) so I’d rather learn how to modulate it. As much as I want to stay Machiavellian, I’m figuring it’s less painful to get to the end you want with a well-modulated means. Sometimes, singing your life song in soprano sounds like a whine.

I’ll be singing in alto from now on.


But let me thank one of my heroes, Dave Grohl, for making growing up more exciting though sharing with you these free iPhone and desktop wallpapers. Spread the inspiration!

  • Wincy Aquino Ong

    This is very well-written and heartfelt, Cj. I love your writing.

  • Camille Miranda

    Inspirational indeed Ate Cj! Thaank you may bonus pang wallpapers. Hihi. Generous mo talaga. <3

  • Gotta love Dave Grohl. And Fiona Apple. I agree with what you say, I’ve nothing against going mainstream. But I’d much more prefer to be odd than normal, under most circumstances. Getting outside of the box is much more fun!

    • Thank you Jellie. :)

      Yeah me too, I don’t see anything wrong with the popular opinion. At the end of the day, popular opinion is still an opinion — and people are free to express theirs. But I just budge if other people try to box me in. 😀